Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Ultradent Brings You My Lecture: Day-to-Day Technology That Can Improve Your Practice


I *love* technology!  I mean I *really love technology*!!!  It’s a passion, a hobby, and sometimes my mistress.

I’m the kind of guy that when I see a problem the first part of my thought process is “how can this be done better, faster, with lower stress, and a better outcome?”  In both my personal AND professional life, I can usually find that solution by seeing what new ways there are to tackle that problem.  That’s how I became “The Technology Evangelist” and since the late 90’s I’ve been working to make the world, and especially my profession, better through the use of high tech.

I’m very grateful to the good people at Ultradent who sponsor me for some of my lectures.  My next stop on my 2019 Ultradent Tech Tour is San Francisco on June 14th.  The Early Bird registration time is about to expire, but you can still register by following this link.

At this event, held at the Westin St. Francis, I’ll be discussing a variety of topics such as lasers, digital caries detection, handheld drug databases, the science of curing, cone beam computed tomography, sensitivity free restorations, and many others.  I’ll also be discussing the Ultradent products I pick up every day and the reasons that I use them.  This is going to be a really fun lecture because it lets me cover a wide variety of things that I use every day.  I never do this lecture the same way twice because tech keeps changing.

If you are interested in taking your practice to the next level with minimal stress, come spend the day with me on June 14th.  I guarantee you’ll have a good time!

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