Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Kulzer and DENTCA Partner to Launch World’s First Web-Based Denture Design Software

Kulzer, a global leader in dental materials, announced today that
it has officially launched a web-based denture design platform that will allow dental labs and

clinicians to design a denture online using digital Mondial and Mondial i teeth, download the
design files and print the denture. The result will be significant time savings and accuracy
enhancements that will benefit dental practices, labs and patients alike.

Kulzer’s new design platform, Pala Design Studio, allows lab technicians to design a denture
case in under 20 minutes, which is a small fraction of the time it would take with conventional
dentures. The technology also allows practices to require only two visits from their patients,
compared to up to five visits with conventional dentures. Pala Design Studio generates
digital denture designs as STL files, which are the standard format for additive manufacturing

The digitally designed and printed dentures created with Pala Design Studio are significantly
more accurate than those produced conventionally. Moreover, Kulzer’s cara Print 4.0 3D
printer yields smoother, more homogeneous surfaces than other 3D printers. The cara Print
4.0’s exceptional precision in the z-axis and the finely tuned parameters for each material
mean that dental professionals can position appliances in almost any direction and always
achieve the perfect fit.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with our sister company to bring DENTCA’s
outstanding digital design platform to our valued customers,” said Lesley Melvin, Kulzer’s
Director of Marketing and Product Management. “Our commitment to helping practices, labs
and patients benefit from the exceptional efficiency and accuracy of digital dentures is
unmatched in our industry, and this partnership is just the latest example of that

Pala Design Studio advantages over other denture design platforms:

  • Faster Web-based design process with pay-per-download fee structure
  • Simpler design process and available as a diagnostic tool
  • Multiple cases can be designed at the same time
  • No software to install
  • Portability - designs are stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere
  • No extra module needed to use impressions
  • No dongle necessary
  • Design supervisors can have access to all designs for a lab from anywhere
  • Ease-of-use - teeth placement is more intuitive, less manipulation is required afterthe automatic placement, and adjustments are more user-friendly and natural looking

Kulzer’s denture design platform, powered by DENTCA, is the most recent addition to
Kulzer’s complete digital workflow for denture production, which includes:
  • cara Scan 4.0, a compact and precise model and impression scanner with an excellent price-performance ratio
  • cara Print 4.0, the first 3D printer for dental practices that meets all of their speed and accuracy requirements for polymer-based dental appliances
  • cara Print Clean, an automated cleaning system that utilizes an agitated contained volume of isopropyl alcohol to clean excess, uncured, 3D printing liquid material from 3D printed parts (coming soon)
  • HiLite Power 3D, a high-performance light polymerization curing unit that can be used with all light-curing dental materials
  • dima Print Denture Base Materials (4-shades), light-curable resins indicated for fabrication and repair of full and partial removable dentures and baseplates
  • dima Print Denture Teeth Materials (6-shades), light-curable resins for fabricating, by additive manufacturing, preformed denture teeth to be used in a denture

While Pala Design Studio will initially be used for 3D printed dentures design, over time it
will also be used for milling dentures, all-on-4 design and splint and night-guard design. It
also has the potential to be used in orthodontics.

For more information about Kulzer and its award-winning products and services, please
visit www.kulzerUS.com. To set up an account in Pala Design Studio and begin designing
dentures, please visit www.paladesignstudio.com.

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