Thursday, May 9, 2019

Charlatan Posing as Licensed Dentist Now Charged Under RICO Statute


You know, it takes all kinds to make up this crazy world and that includes unethical and dangerous buffoons.  

This story revolves around Krista Szewczyk and her husband John.  It seems that Krista was arrested twice within 2 weeks for posing as a dentist.  She performed dental procedures for years without ever having gone to dental school or been certified to practice.  She had a case brought against her in 2013 but since she was married to a deputy sheriff, she was allowed to enter a diversion program. However before even completing the diversion program, she was seeing patients again.

She is accused of (at a minimum) performing extractions, bonding orthodontic brackets, and performing fixed prosthodontic services.  Some of the charges she is currently accused of are:
• 40 counts of practicing dentistry without a license
• 3 counts of unlawful prescription
• 1 count of forgery in the first degree
• 4 counts of insurance fraud

Now the feds are involved and are prosecuting husband and wife using US Federal RICO Statutes.  Here is a bit from the Atlanta Journal and Constitution.

The woman accused of working as a dentist despite not having a license must now answer to additional charges, along with her husband. On Wednesday, a Paulding County grand jury indicted both Krista and John Szewczyk on charges related to their alleged illegal dental office.

It’s the second indictment in Paulding since August for Krista Szewczyk, who is also charged with practicing dentistry without a license in Cobb County. But it is the first time her husband, a former Paulding sheriff’s deputy, has been criminally charged in the case.
The Szewczyks, who live in Dallas, are accused of racketeering, practicing dentistry without a license, insurance fraud and writing an unlawful prescription in the 56-count indictment obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
“Neither Krista Szewczyk or John Szewczyk are licensed dentists but owned and operated a business that provided dental services,” the indictment states.
The pair is charged with two counts under Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, known as RICO. RICO is often used by prosecutors to prove that a legal business was being used for illegal means. In the Szewczyk’s case, the dental office was a licensed business. But according to investigators, the two schemed to provide illegal dental services and then billed insurance companies fraudulently. 

If you would like to read AJC’s entire article follow this link.

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  1. Please please please. How is it such a wise guy like you Dr. Flucke would be shocked, simply shocked, at finding some one practicing dentistry without a license. If any thing it ought to make you wonder why it takes an undergrad degree plus four years of dental school plus plus to do a filling or extraction. After all there are young girls doing orthodontics without 4+4+2+1(the year of associating). Hey it is your unique expertise as a state of the computer art dentist. You must have a blog that predicted smiles direct and dentures over the net without a dental license being needed.
    But that is not the point I want to make.
    My point is the lack of moral understanding NOT by the lady doing dentistry. I mean to keep up a practice and get new patients must have meant she was competent at some level while the State dental board is rather incompetent. I mean the dental boards all treat dentist applicants as criminals that just have not been caught. They demand you tell them you went to certified schools and past certain tests and that you are a citizen and that you are not a convicted felon or drunk driver or drug addict. As if an applicant that was a fraud or a convicted felon who wanted to do dentistry would admit to being an illegal on an application.Thus the only way the board knows there are criminals practicing dentistry is if the criminal cops to his legal status on the application. The result is the dental board rides herd on dentists that are trying to pursue a career who don't want to get in trouble. The board creates a sort of the state vs the dentist. The dentist cannot trust the board, the dentist in fact cannot trust his colleagues. Because for example in my state, anonymous complaints are encouraged. Amazing isn't it? I mean if a dentist were to stop and think about it for sixty seconds. However they don't. Or they think they have special privilege that other people don't get. Thus are able to make more money; are able to game the system. The dentist doesn't seem to understand that he is being out played by other professionals. Examples: 1.The oral surgeon getting special dispensations over gp. 2. The physicians! You dentists better not be doing glucose tests:). But of the conformity of dental professionals. The dentists that are ignorant about the U S constitution or they don't like the constitution or respect it only when it can be used in their favor.
    There is a lack of morality and ethics in the dental profession along with any other profession licensed hard by the state. How so? The state licensing boards do NOT follow the constitution. The boards violate the 1st, 5th, 6, and 14 amendments to the constitution. Meaning: the boards do NOT allow freedom of association, a dentist cannot face his accuser, a dentist cannot practice in any state he wishes.there is NOT equal treatment clause in any state dental board and they do NOT have to follow the constitution which is to me the creepiest thing about organized dentistry. It benefits a few at the cost of the many and uses lies to to make it happen.