Tuesday, April 16, 2019

OmniCore from Henry Schein the All-In-One IT Solution for Dental Offices

Keeping your hardware up to date and functioning properly can be difficult.  The IT piece of the healthcare business requires a high degree of diligence and monitoring.  Not only to keep you office running efficiently, but also to avoid things like malware, ransomware, and potential data breaches.  Hospitals and large medical clinics have dedicated IT teams that keep things up to date and running smoothly, but dental offices do not have that luxury.
To help with this situation, Henry Schein has developed a solution they are calling “OmniCore”.  I was given a sneak peek at the technology in August of last year, and I was impressed.  Now that it is available to the market, I think it’s important that all of you know about it.
Here is what the folks at Schein have to say about it:
Your OmniCore computer network comes complete with a virtualized server, network-attached storage (NAS), a business-grade wireless access point and firewall and hybrid data backup, all contained in a sleek, mobile, low-profile rack that can easily be rolled into an office. With OmniCore, TechCentral will provide, monitor and maintain your network for a low, regular monthly cost that’s easy to budget in, so you don’t have to give the IT that runs your practice a second thought.
TechCentral now has an innovative proposition to simplify and streamline IT: OmniCore, a hardware as a service offering. OmniCore is an all-in-one “dental office network in a box.” The network hardware and services are all supplied, maintained, monitored and cared for by TechCentral, for a low monthly subscription cost.

With OmniCore, practices don’t have to worry anymore about which à la carte equipment and services they need, what to do when their network isn’t working, when to replace or update components or how to budget for IT surprises. OmniCore is a set-and-forget solution that enables dentists to get back to focusing on the wonderful care they give their patients, while TechCentral keeps an eye on their network with remote monitoring, proactively resolving any issues that may arise.

OmniCore comes with high-quality, business-grade equipment, with the services and support that practices need for a comfortable IT experience. It’s optimized to work with other TechCentral and Henry Schein One solutions but can integrate with other third-party hardware as well as most practice management software solutions.
Basically the OmniCore system does everything to run your network.  In the most basic terms, you install it in your server closet, plug your network connections into it, and you are good to go.  The system runs a server, backup, antivirus, and more.  The system is monitored by Henry Schein remotely so they can perform updates when needed and also make sure everything is running exactly as it should.  IF there is a problem, they are on it.  No need to call in your own IT people.
Dental IT is tough.  Hiring companies that do not necessarily understand all the nuances of dentistry and HIPAA can make things difficult.  I’ve always been a fan of dental specific IT for your mission critical systems and all of the things covered by OmniCore are definitely mission critical.
Also, when the system ages and needs to be updated, they simply send a new unit.  An all in one solution for a simple monthly fee makes this a system that offers a lot to the profession.  I love technology and am a diehard “gear head” but even as much as I love tinkering with technology, I don’t have the time to guard and configure my systems.  That’s a difficult task to perform when you already have a full time job taking care of your patients and running your business.

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