Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Isolite 3 Evaluation Currently in Progress

Starting a few days ago, we began evaluating the Zyris Isolite 3 system in the office.
For those of you who may not be completely knowledgable about the system, the Isolite 3 is a retraction, vacuum, and illumination device.  It provides a bite block, tongue, and cheek retraction in a disposable mouthpiece.  The system is connected to the office vacuum pump.  The mouthpiece has several holes that provide incredible removal of water and saliva leaving a dry well isolated field in which to work.  The non-disposable part of the system has 2 high intensity LEDs.  One of the LEDs is bright white from illumination of the field while the other is orange and works as illumination while performing procedures with light sensitive materials such as composites.  It allows the field to be brightly defined without worry of premature photo polymerization.
The concept of the device is a good one.  It has been around for several years and each generation seems to build on the success of the previous one.  I intend to put it through clinical testing here in a variety of situations and then report back on progress.  I can definitely say that it is working quite well, but that is only from a limited number of cases.  Definitely stay tuned for more information on this one...

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