Thursday, February 28, 2019

VFEmail Suffers Attack from Hacker that Deletes 18 Years of Email... Including the Backups

It sure seems like I’ve been posting this biohazard symbol a lot lately… maybe because I have been.  
This story is just a bad one.  Many of us, myself included, rely on our email providers to keep copies of our emails for us.  It’s one less backup I have to do or worry about.  Or at least I haven’t worried about that until now.
The story is the email service VFEmail suffered an attack from an anonymous hacker.  Evidently the hacker was concerned with something that was being stored on the VFEmail severs.  It was obviously something either the hacker or whoever hired them, didn’t want to have be published.  Obviously that is speculation on my part, but it sure seemed to be geared toward keeping something from being found.
To prevent that, the hacker gained access to the VFEmail servers and deleted EVERYTHING.  One user lost at least 10 years worth of data which was roughly 60,000 emails.  The attack appeared to be aimed at servers in the US and they were wiped clean.  The company said the hack destroyed roughly 18 years worth of data held in file AND backup servers.
I’ve actually visited the Tier 3 Data Center where my email servers are held and I have no doubt about how serious they take their security.  However, now I’m giving serious consideration to implementing a backup of my email from my local machine… just in case.

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