Monday, February 18, 2019

New Sonic Toothbrush Evaluation - Brüush is a Definite Winner

The past few days I’ve been experimenting with a new sonic toothbrush.  This new device, affectionately named Brüush (note the umlaut) has been in my hands for enough time for a clinical evaluation and I’ve got to tell you that I am impressed with it.  Check out the website here.  
In fact, one might say that I have a crüush on the Brüush (sorry, now that I’ve got an excuse to use an umlaut, it’s hard to control myself).  But seriously, let me tell you why I think this brush bears serious consideration by consumers.
It features the following:
  • Sonic technology with over 30,000 vibrations per minute
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Subscription brush head delivery
  • 90-day risk free trial
There are a lot of things to like here.
First is the sonic energy that the device uses.  Currently in the powered toothbrush world there are 2 types of devices.  The first is the oscillator type where the brush head is round and the brush oscillates in a partial turn clockwise then a partial turn counterclockwise motion.  This “back and forth” motion of the bristles causes them to function in a manner very similar to a manual toothbrush.  The brush is actually gear driven and is pretty hard to stop.
The second type is the sonic type.  These devices (of which Brüush is one) use a reversing polarity to cause the brush head and bristles to vibrate.  This vibration causes the bristles to move in a wave type motion several times a second and it is this motion that cleans the teeth.  Unlike the oscillating model, too much pressure on the sonic type causes the bristles to decrease or stop their vibration, thus lessening the chances of abrasion from the bristels.  The sonic energy provides a smooth efficient cleaning motion.
If you are curious how these brushes look in slow motion, here is a video:
As a personal preference, I happen to prefer sonic toothbrushes.  I feel they are easy to use due to their shape and are less damaging to delicate oral tissues.
Brüush features sonic energy of 30,000 vibrations per minute as well as a 4 week per charge battery.  The device feels incredibly good in the hand, which is something that is hard to describe here, but definitely should not be discounted by consumers.  It has a nice size handle & fits well into my palm.  Some brushes have a slick finish that makes them easy to drop, but Brüush in comfortable and not slick.
The device also has the best brush head attachment (and brush head in total) of any sonic toothbrush I have tried.  They “click” onto the handle and are very sturdy which makes them incredibly easy to use.  The power button is flush with the handle which prevents accidentally changing modes mid-brushing.
The device is also *very* affordable.  A great brush doesn’t do anyone any good if it is too expensive to own.  The kit comes with 3 brush heads, the handle, charger, and travel case all for $69 and free shipping.  I feel the value here is incredible.
The company sells brush heads on a subscription model where every 6 months you are shipped 3 new brush heads for $18 (making the price of each brush head an amazing $6!)  There is no need to keep using a frazzled and poorly functioning brush head when you can swap them out economically every 2 months.
One other thing that sets this company apart is its social mission.  The company has partnered with “A Reason To Smile” (ARTS) and donates a toothbrush, toothpaste, and fluoride treatment to a person in need for every brush head refill they sell.  That means using  Brüush isn’t only good for your teeth, it is also good for the teeth of someone who desperately needs your help!
I’m very impressed with both the product and the social conscience of this company.  While Brüush isn’t a company you’ve heard of now, I feel it will be a company you’ll know about in the future.  A great product combined with concern for their fellow man gets Brüush my highest recommendation.  Trust me when I say, you need to check these brushes out!!!


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