Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Ransomware Knocked Out of Top Spot for Hacking Threat by Trojan Malware

It seems that what is old is new again.  After a couple of years of Ransomware being the number one threat in healthcare, it has now been replaced by our old nemesis Trojan Malware.
Specifically the ones that are being seen in force as of late are called Emotet and Trickbot.  The number of attacks from Trojan type programs toward healthcare IT systems has increased 132 percent since 2017.  That’s a *big* increase.
According to a recent report from Malwarebytes, “The trend in information-stealing Trojans being leveraged for business breaches does not appear to be slowing down.”  “However, the deployment of patches, network and data segmentation, as well as user rights management configuration might keep the Trojan invasion from spreading so easily.”
I think it’s helpful to download the report via the link above and give it a brief read.  Even if you aren’t particularly tech literate, it will still be interesting to browse.
Needless to say, you NEED to have a security and backup system in place.
If you are in dentistry, I highly recommend DDS Rescue.  Check them out!

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