Monday, January 28, 2019

Government Shutdown may begin to Affect Workers Dental and Vision Benefits

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Even though we have now entered a “temporary” restart, I had this story in the queue and I thought it might still have some relevance.  After all, there are no guarantees that the furloughed workers will be continuously employed.  So, just in case, here’s a tidbit.
This whole government shutdown thing was ridiculous from the get go, but now it becomes even more so as the stupid rich people use the less entitled as bargaining chips in the neighborhood  bully game of chicken.
Now comes word via the Washington Post that "starting with their third missed paycheck, employees will be billed directly for premiums for dental and vision coverage.”  And furthermore "The company that provides long-term care insurance to federal workers also will start billing them directly."
You read that correctly.  Those employees who have been wise and proactive enough to have dental, vision, and long term care policies are now being punished for their foresight.
While the vision plan can be as low as $3.09 every 2 weeks, the dental plan can be $76.80 for the same time frame.  Expecting people with no income to pay for their benefits that were provided before this stupid mess is just plain wrong.
Another problem is that if these employees choose to gamble by not paying and let their policies lapse, they will lose these benefits until the annual enrollment period for the next year.  So… basically being responsible enough to get the benefits & then being conservative enough (and smart) not to use funds they must stretch, costs them basically in 2 ways!
I thought I’d bring this out as it has a direct on dental as well as the dental health of those caught up in this craziness.

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