Thursday, January 10, 2019

20 Year Old Arrested in Hack that Resulted in Germany's Largest Data Breach

In an amazing story, a 20 year old German man, with limited computer experience, managed to find and distribute a huge amount of data on public figures such as journalists and politicians last month.

Known on Twitter by the name "G0d," the suspect published private data about German politicians, journalists, and celebrities on Twitter, under the username @_0rbit.

Telephone numbers, private chats, and letters, some credit card data, addresses and copies of identity cards of victims were all exposed in what believed to be one of the country's biggest data breaches in the history.

Unlike as initially feared, early evidence suggests no involvement of foreign intelligence or activists for far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), who was not targeted by the attacker, in the incident.

Besides German politicians, the intrusive hack attacks also affected well-known actor Til Schweiger, two renowned German comedians, Jan Boehmermann and Christian Ehring, as well as dozens of journalists from ZDF and ARD–public-funded German media outlets.

Germany is still in the process of removing the exposed data from the Internet, but there are no signs that any information was released that would be considered politically explosive or increase security risks.

Jai Vijayan has a great piece with lots of details that you can find here.  

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