Monday, December 17, 2018

The Academy of Laser Dentistry’s Free Buying Guide is an Unbiased First Step Towards Laser Ownership and Proficiency


The Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD), recently published a very detailed Laser Buying Guide. Entitled, “A Comprehensive Buying Guide to Dental Lasers: Making Sense of How and What to Buy for Your Practice,” this valuable resource is now available as a free downloadable PDF document. According to ALD executive director Gail S. Siminovsky, CAE, “We developed this buying guide as the first step in what we know will become a successful journey in laser dentistry. Asking the right questions before making a purchase leads to success for dentist, patient and manufacturer.”

The ALD Buying Guide provides information that the dentist needs to know to purchase the right dental laser for their dental practice. Some of the topics covered in the ALD Buying Guide include:

• The Perfect Laser for Your Practice
• Ergonomics and Usability
• Device Quality
• Features and Accessories
• Level of Training Level of Service
• Manufacturer Considerations
• “Real” Cost Consideration
• Who Offers the Best Training and Support?

“After the dentist purchases the right laser device for their practice needs, the ALD is at-the-ready to provide the ongoing education required to operate that dental laser safely and proficiently,” explains Siminovsky. “This education and training is available during the ALD’s 2019 Annual Conference
April 4th - 6th in Dallas and throughout the year during ongoing lectures, webinars, and online education programs that are all part of the ALD Annual Membership.”


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