Monday, December 10, 2018

My Thoughts Regarding Xorvision DENclarity Monitor


As a clinician, one of the most important diagnostic tools I have is radiography.  Next to my own eyes, radiographs are the next most important part of my diagnostic armamentarium.

However, x-rays are useless if you are unable to read them.  A doctor can own the best sensor in the world, but if the image is viewed on a suboptimal monitor then diagnostic accuracy is lost.  That’s the reason that doctors should pay close attention to the monitors they use in their practices.

Because the monitor makes such a difference, for the past several years, I’ve been using monitors from Exorvision in my practice.  Their latest effort, the 24” DENclarity is truly a homerun product.

The DENclarity is exclusively designed for use in a dental office.  It has an incredible grayscale and an amazing 1000:1 contrast ratio.  This means that subtle nuances in radiographs are picked up clearly and diagnostic accuracy increases.

The monitor is also sealed and a glass overlay protects the LCD.  This means that the DENclarity can be disinfected by spraying disinfectant directly onto the screen and molding.  The plastic housing of the monitor is strong and resistant to staining or discoloration from solutions.

It also uses a special low voltage power system that greatly increases safety in a healthcare environment.

In addition to its healthcare features, the monitor also supports a wide range of inputs.  HDMI, VGA, Video, Audio, TV Coaxial, USB, and a headphone jack are all present which makes connecting to the DENclarity easy and predictable no matter what input you may need.  It also has a TV tuner allowing the monitor to double as an over the patient entertainment system.

In the world dentistry, it’s imperative to find the right equipment for each situation we face.  I find the DENclarity monitor to be the right choice for my practice. Human beings perceive somewhere around 85% about their environment through the eyes.  For clinical diagnosis, co-diagnosis with the patient, and educating the patient through the sharing of clinical images, I find the DENclarity to be the best way to engage that 85%.  This monitor is highly recommended.  

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