Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Evaluation of PowSmart Powered Toothbrush - Complete

PTR-C5 white & black - poster (1).jpg
For the past month I’ve been using the PowSmart brush every time I brush my teeth.  I figured that if I am going to evaluate something, how much better can a toothbrush be evaluated than in my very own mouth?
I’ve got to say that I have come away very impressed with this device.  The first point I’d like to drive home is the battery.  I received the brush about 5 weeks ago, I have used it every time I’ve brushed my teeth, and it is still running from the original charge.  That alone is impressive.  The company tells me that their testing has indicated the battery will run for 90 days at least on a single charge, so I’m excited to see how long mine lasts.
It also has 5 brushing modes:
  1. Clean
  2. Sensitive
  3. Gum Care
  4. Whitening
  5. Polish 

These are modes that are similar to other powered brushes currently on the market.  The model I’ve been using is the one pictured above.  It has power button that is slightly raised from the handle surface.  This requires the user to grip the brush just under the button to avoid accidentally turning the brush off during use, but I have not found that to really be an issue at all as I’ve always held brushes close to the end of the handle.

PTR-C4 (white)-2.JPG

The device is well built and sturdy.  It feels good in your hand and the brush attaches snugly.  The overall feel is “high quality” with a well designed feel.

The charger cord is a USB interface meaning you can charge your brush with your phone charger, laptop, or any other device that provides power thru USB.  The kit I received did not come with an A/C adapter so you have to provide your own, however the company is considering adding one to future packages.  The USB charger (pictured above) is hardwired into the base and cannot be removed.  I asked about that and found out that the base is waterproof just in case it should get sprayed or knocked into a sink full of water.  I had thought the base would have a USB Micro port, but that would prevent the charger from having this waterproof protection, which I find to be a nice touch.  If your brush charger ever failed, the system would be worthless.  All powered brushes have this feature, that I’m aware of.

The company makes several models and they have the following features:

  • Up to 40,000 vibrations per minute
  • 5 brushing modes
  • 12 week battery life on a single charge
  • 2 charging modes wireless (like most powered rechargeable brushes) and direct charge which allows you to charge on the road
  • Quad pacer that alerts you to brush 30 seconds per quadrant for a total of 2 minutes brushing time

There are 2 types of powered toothbrushes currently on the market.  One is sonic, featuring vibration of the brush, and the other is mechanical, featuring a clockwise/counterclockwise rotation of the brush.  PowSmart uses the sonic tech and has done so very well.  The 40,000 VPM is powerful,  but not overbearing and leaves a nice clean feeling on the teeth.  There are also an assortment of brush heads that have different bristle types to accommodate your brushing style.

The company is currently looking for US distribution and I would think this device would be a hot seller if priced right.  If you are a company looking for a powered toothbrush line to distribute, PowSmart could be a nice line to offer.  The product is definitely ready for prime time.


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