Monday, October 22, 2018

Impressions from America's Dental Meeting ADA Hawaii 2018

In case you’ve all been worried about me… like I know that would happen… I’ve spent the last few days in Honolulu at the 2018 American Dental Association meeting.
Now before you all hit the comments section with jokes about how hard I must have worked, let me tell you,  I honestly did work!  In fact, considering how far some folks had to travel, the meeting was very well attended.  Sometimes when a meeting is in an exotic tropical location, folks spend more time on the beach than at the meeting.  this time, however, I spoke with lots of dentists who had traveled for some down time, but were serious about attending both lectures and the exhibits.
As most of you know, I am part of the Cellerant Best of Class that selects products every year that we feel are truly “Best of Class”.  We also have an area on the exhibit floor for the panel members to lecture to attendees and it also allows the attendees to be able to interact with the winning products.  Because of that setup (which we do at every ADA meeting), we get a tremendous opportunity to speak with doctors.
What I discovered is that dentistry is thriving again.  Since the economy tanked in the late 00’s, experts have been analyzing data on a yearly basis and determining that dentistry was “flat”; basically not shrinking but also not growing.  What I learned in Honolulu is that the “flat” trend is over and the “up trend’ has begun.  Our Cellerant Best of Class lecture area was continually busy every day and every course was sold out.
Doctors are excited about dentistry and are planning and purchasing accordingly.  I had 5 different events during the 3 day meeting that allowed me to interact with the doctors in attendance and I can tell you, those crowds were enthusiastic about our future.
To back that up, the vendors I spoke with also reported good visibility with good sales.  I did not get a chance to hear actual attendance numbers, but all indications point to a very exciting future for our profession.

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