Monday, October 15, 2018

Evaluation of the Goby Electric Toothbrush

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I’ve been tinkering with and using the Goby powered toothbrush for several months now and I have to say I’ve come away impressed.
Quite honestly, I feel I owe the folks at Goby an apology.  I had expected a device that was less expensive than major brands and would show it… but I was wrong.
The device feels solid in your hands and is well made.  I’ve used it for a few months now and it still looks and performs as if it had just come out of the box.  Those that know me know I *love* the color black and the black brush they sent me hasn’t faded, scratched, skuffed, or weathered in the lather and toothpaste.
By eliminating the big retail sales distribution chain, they’ve been able to keep their costs low which also being able to keep the quality high.  The device has a 2 minute timer broken down into 30 second segments.  This lets you know you’ve brushed one quadrant long enough and it’s time to move on to the next one.  After 2 minutes, it shuts itself off automatically.
It is an oscillating brush head that I’ve found to be the right size to fit everywhere in my mouth… even those areas that can be hard to reach.
The charger is USB and comes with an AC adapter.  You can plug it into any outlet OR the USB port on your laptop.  The charger is also very small and can even be taken apart for trips.  The stand that charges the device is composed of 2 parts.  The part that actually holds your brush and keeps it vertical and a small “paddle” or “slab” that fits into the stand and provides the charge.  This “paddle” can be removed from the stand during travel.  How does it charge the brush?  There is a small magnet in the “paddle” that attaches it to the right spot on the back/bottom of the handle and allows the brush to charge. I find that to be genius.
I’m also impressed with the cost of the brush heads.  Most companies charge well over $10 for one and some can be more than $15.  Goby brush heads are $6 apiece.  You can buy them from their website, or you can go on auto shipment and receive a package every 2 months.  That’s a great way to know you are keeping your brush young and flexible so it can do its job.  Doing auto shipment is the best way to go.
When you consider that you can get all of this for a $50 payment, I’m impressed.  I’m advising patients who are on a budget to get a Goby and save themselves some dollars in the process.  If you’ve always wanted an electric toothbrush but the cost has kept you away, take a look at the Goby.
This product is highly recommended!!!

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