Monday, June 4, 2018

Composite, Anterior, Sculpting, Instruments by Aesthecon

CASI 1.png
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Here’s an interesting idea to aid in composite resin placement.  The CASI (Composite Anterior Sculpting Instruments) are a set of 2.  They are curved to match the natural contours of the anterior dentition. One is designed for central incisors and the other for lateral incisors.  I especially like the engraved aesthetic ruler that is on the handle.  Makes measuring anterior lengths much easier.

A set is currently on its way to me and I’ll do an evaluation on them.  I’ll report back once I have some hands-on experience.

They are currently available through PacDent.  1-909-839-0888

In the meantime, here’s some info on CASI


Developed by Dr. Carlos Sanchez, the CASI instruments are designed to help you be a more efficient and effective practitioner.

• The patented design promotes development of the three facial plane veneer contours on any anterior tooth structures

• Facilitate the contour for both mesial and distal line angles in addition to lingual contours

• Aids in creating matrix free lingual and facial shelves

• Establish global primary tooth anatomy

• The iodized handle makes the tool easy to locate amongst other tools

• Engraved aesthetic ruler offers you multiple tools in the palm in your hand.

• Facilitates restoring Class III, Class IV, & Class V

• Increases efficiency in Anterior Direct Composite Veneer Bonding

• Serves for Retraction Cord Placement

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