Thursday, June 14, 2018

Business Email Compromise is on the Rise

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We’re all aware of aware of the nefarious “Nigerian Email Scam” that’s been going around for years.  In an interesting development, the US just arrested 74 alleged email fraudsters in what was called Operation Wire Wire.  The idea, of course, was to help decrease the amount of scam emails and, consequently, the number of unfortunate victims that were bilked out of sometimes large amounts of money.
However, there is another problem that has now developed.  It’s called BEC, standing for Business Email Compromise and it is a serious problem.  According to email security firm Agari, 24% of email scams are now trying to get money from businesses and that 96% of businesses via email are the focus on some type of scam.
While that may not be a *gigantic* problem, for dentistry, that doesn’t mean we are immune.  My office routinely receives all kinds of scamming attempts via email AND the good old telephone.
If you are interested in how widespread and problematic this is, head over to Wired and read a fascinating article on it.  

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