Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Big Thank You to Experimac

When it comes to tech, you never really know when you will need a bail out.  One day everything is fine and the next day, you are struggling with an unforeseen problem.  Last week, I had that particular nightmare scenario…
In case you don’t know, as lithium polymey batteries (Lipo) age, they have a tendency to expand.  On Tuesday of last week, I suddenly noticed that my MacBook Pro was “wobbly” and the keyboard had a “curve” to it.  This was due to  the failure of the Lipo battery and its expansion.
A trip to the local Mac store confirmed my suspicions, but their service department could not replace the battery in less than five days.  Five days?  Yes, five days.   Oh and the tech at the Genius Bar also advised that even though they couldn’t fix it for five days that I not use it or fly with ity
The problem?  I was leaving in 3 days to do a weekend meeting lecture.  I *needed* the MacBook Pro for that meeting!!!
Fortunately, a Google search located a store named “Experimac” just down the road from the Apple Store.  The young lady at the desk assured me that not only could they replace the battery, but that they could do so in a couple of hours.
It seems that Experimac is a franchise operation that offers repairs, upgrades, and preowned Apple products. In less than Four Hours my Mac was repaired with a new Lipo battery.  I’m typing the blogpost from my hotel room at my scheduled meeting and ALL is well.
Bottom lime?  If you need a Mac device repaired, see if there is an Experimac in your area.  My experience and other online ratings have been exceptional!!y  

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