Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Lares Research ProStyle E Electric Handpiece System

ProStyle E.png
If you have never used electric handpieces, trust me when I say you are missing out.  Unlike air rotor systems, electric handpieces just do not still.
Powered by a brushless motor and gear driven, electrics have substantially more torque, even at low RPMs.  Air rotor systems are low torque which means they must spin up to a very high RPM which then drops as the bur touches the tooth.  Electrics allow you to work faster and with more precision.
Lares Research has now entered the electric handpiece market with their ProStyle E system.
Prostye E controler.jpg
Lares is a family owned company with a factory in Chico, California.  They are definitely a company devoted to quality.  For all the info on the ProStye E, follow the link.  

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