Wednesday, May 9, 2018

DPR's List of OSHA Violations that You are Doing Every Day - And You don't even Realize

I love my job at Dental Products Report.  I’ve been writing for the brand and its spectrum of dental  publications since 1999 (it sure doesn’t seem that long).
I LOVE how the publication has kept up with the times and now publishes multiple daily newsletters to keep the profession informed in addition to the monthly print publications.
Today, you can have access to an interesting story on the DPR website.  It’s written by a friend of mine, Robert Elsenpeter.  He’s a great writer and I know you’ll enjoy the article.
Healthcare has been using Universal Precautions since the mid-80s.  Because of that, most people that are involved with patient contact feel that they have the process down completely.  However, there’s a reason why we are required to receive OSHA re-training once a year.  Simply put, little things can be forgotten and fall through the cracks.
With that in mind, give Robert’s article a read.  It deals with things you may be doing everyday that are violations of OSHA  rules yet you may not even be aware of that.

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