Thursday, April 12, 2018

SpaceX CRS-14 NASA Launch

On April 2nd I got the chance of a lifetime.  I was invited to witness the SpaceX CRS-14 NASA Launch during a behind the scenes tour of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  I got to stand pretty much right where this video was taken, in the media area for launch.

It was an incredible day.  In addition to the launch, I toured and stood on the launch pad where the Apollo and Space Shuttle missions were launched, toured part of NASA's lab, and also toured the Vehicle Assembly Building which, I learned, is the largest one story building on the planet.

I've been really fortunate to get to do some incredible things in my life and this one might have just moved into the #1 slot on my list of 10 Best Things I got to Do.

How did I get this lucky you may ask?  Well, my advice is to go to Twitter and follow @NASASocial.  Believe it or not, they have these gatherings on a regular basis and I simply applied when a social gathering was announced.  I figured that I had as good a chance to make it as anyone, and by some small miracle, I was one of 40 people chosen for the event.

This was truly a nerd's dream come true and I'm keeping my ID badge from the event forever!

I big thank you to NASA and to their social media team for giving me a day I'll never forget.  Walking where heros and geniuses have walked is a rare and amazing feeling.  I highly recommend it!

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