Wednesday, April 18, 2018

National Oral Health Report: A State of Decay

Oral Health America has just released their latest report on older Americans and oral health services.  The OHA’s mission is to change lives by connecting communities with resources to drive access to care, increase health literacy and advocate for policies that improve overall health through better oral health for all Americans, especially those most vulnerable.  That’s a very noble endeavor.  They have been releasing these reports since 2003 and the data continues to expand.  As we all know, the population of America continues to grow and along with that comes the expansion of older Americans.  OHA is on the front lines of making sure that these folks are looked after and some of the data included with the report is fascinating.
Here is what the OHA has to say about their report:

Today, Oral Health America (OHA) releases A State of Decay, Vol. IV – a state by state analysis examining the state and national variables impacting the oral health of older adults as a key factor to their overall health and wellness. Did you know – by 2029 the baby boomer generation will include older adults ranging from ages 65 to 83 years old? While the 65+ population will fall under the same Medicare system, the needs of the oldest and youngest baby boomers will look very different. A State of Decay, Vol. IV illustrates states’ progress in some areas and the need for continued action and long-term systems change solutions. OHA has created supplemental resources, including key messages and guidelines on how to talk about state scores, for stakeholders to use while advocating locally and engaging in conversation about what they are doing in their state to advance the oral health of older adults.

As advocates for oral health equity for all, we urge you to use A State of Decay to tackle the unaddressed issues in your state and work toward changing the lives of seniors. We know it’s not about a pretty smile – it’s about whole body health, and it starts with us. 

If you’d like to download the report and take a look at this fascinating data, here is the link.  Enjoy!

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