Tuesday, April 24, 2018

FDA Working on Creating a Medical Device "Go-Team" for Device Cyber Security

For anyone who has been following security in healthcare lately, the security of medical devices has become a hot topic.  There have been concerns regarding pacemakers that are updated via radio signal as well as lots of legacy systems providing all kinds of healthcare functions.
Now as we move forward with the IoT (Internet of Things), healthcare is seeing more and more devices that could be hacked or manipulated.  To help battle the potential for cyber threats affecting both point of care and patients using devices, the FDA is putting together ideas to help secure devices involved in healthcare.
Although we’ve seen a few instances of cyber threats in healthcare, we’ve not yet seen a full blown catastrophe… yet.  Kudos to the FDA for having the forward thinking to help prevent or at least minimize a future disaster.  The RansomWare disaster that affected Europe a while back caused some real problems for hospitals in Great Britain.  While it wasn’t a full blown disaster, I think it was enough of one that I’m relieved to see FDA trying to minimize these issues in the future.
Unfortunately cyber security is one of those things that, like my grandfather used to say “locks keep honest people honest, but they just slow crooks down”.  It’s impossible, by nature, to completely secure a system.  However, doing everything possible to slow crooks down is exactly the right thing to do for healthcare IT.

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