Monday, March 12, 2018

The Dental Industry’s Only News Aggregation And Social Engagement Forum App Launches To Simplify Life and Connect Users

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The concept of “news aggregators” has been around for a while now.  However, many of them are no longer around, and those that remain are a bit clunky and not very specific.  However, a new company has come to market with an aggregator that is specific to the dental industry.  It’s called SWYP and is available now.  The service is device agnostic, meaning you can access their website or use apps for Android or iOS to get to the content.



Designed for busy dental professionals using mobile devices and tablets, SWYP Dental transforms the reading, learning, and social media experience

 – SWYP Dental simply and elegantly combines the beauty of print magazines with the power and convenience of digital and social media. SWYP collects dental content (articles, news, blogs, podcasts) based on user-selected preferences and then delivers the customized content in an App or desktop website. Free to download, SWYP is for all dental professionals including dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, office managers, dental labs, industry professionals, and more. It will revolutionize and transform the way dental professionals consume information.

SWYP contains content from around the dental web on topics you’d expect like Digital Dentistry, Hygiene, Practice Management, and more. It even mixes in topics from outside the industry like finance, business ownership, internet marketing, motivating employees, health & fitness, travel, and more.

“We’re solving the problem of information overload that plagues us all. No one has time for content they aren’t interested in”, states Matthew Petchel, SWYP CEO. “SWYP solves that problem because our users only see content they are interested in based on their preferences and behavior in the app. The future isn’t about spending time looking for content. The future is about having interesting, relevant, and timely content finding you. Think of SWYP as a targeted information funnel for the entire dental industry.”

SWYP also share totally original content from the next wave of influencers to give a more complete, up-to-date view of the dental industry. In addition, SWYP has a community Q&A Forum for users to ask questions and engage with one another to earn points redeemable for rewards. SWYP is also ‘the dental search engine’ that delivers the most relevant results for dental topics. Dental professionals can finally focus all of their attention on the specific information they want to help them be a better dentist, a better hygienist or assistant, and better business leader.

SWYP was founded by industry veterans; Tony Stefanou, Ekram Khan, Jim Arnold, and Matthew Petchel with a combined 97 years in the dental industry. Their experience combines clinical, marketing, industry, and technology expertise.

SWYP is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded at

SWYPDental everything…all in one app™.


About SWYP
SWYP is a community of dental professionals that lives and breathes within a mobile app and desktop website. SWYP is a Dental News Aggregator and Q&A Community Forum combined and targeted to the dental industry.
SWYP – Dental everything…all in one app™

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