Monday, March 26, 2018

HealthFirst Upgrades Emergency Medical Kits with NARCAN®

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HealthFirst is a U.S. company that, among other things, provides emergency medical kits for offices.  Many dental practices rely on their HealthFirst kit in the rare case of a medical emergency.  The kits were most commonly used for things like anaphylaxis or hypoglycemia.  However, with the increasing attention being paid to opiates in the U.S., the company is now starting to upgrade their kits (both new and existing) with NARCAN® (naloxone HCL).  The drug is being provided in a nasal spray.  NARCAN® is a rapidly absorbed opioid antagonist that binds to the same receptors as narcotics and displaces the narcotic molecules, resulting in a rapid overdose recovery.
Here is the info from HealthFirst:

HealthFirst proudly partners with you to keep your SM Series kit updated and ready for common medical emergencies. Our customers managed more than 1,000 medical emergencies in the last year.

Upgrading your kit with NARCAN® (naloxone HCl)
Working with our Medical Advisory Board, we regularly review our kits to make sure they meet current emergency needs. Because of the rapidly growing opioid crisis, the Board recommends adding NARCAN to the core set of SM Series kit medications.  

Despite your best efforts to keep patients safe, you can’t control the behavior of patients or their families. With NARCAN, you can help prevent your patients from becoming victims of the opioid epidemic.

IMPORTANT: HealthFirst will send you two NARCAN Nasal Sprays within the next 30 days, included with a regular replenishment shipment for your kit. 
Easy to use, special pricing

NARCAN Nasal Spray is easy to administer when timing is critical. HealthFirst offers you competitive pricing so this upgrade is as affordable as possible.

Important details
Your upgrade will arrive with your next medication replenishment shipment, within 30 days after this notice.
The upgrade will include two NARCAN Nasal Sprays and packaging to fit the units in your SM Series kit.
This upgrade, including the medications, is priced at $110.
For information on all medications in this shipment, please sign in to and view Upcoming Shipments.
If you have questions, or do not wish to receive this update, please call (855) 300-1797 or email

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