Monday, January 8, 2018

Is Technology Expensive?

Old cameras.jpg
I’m sometimes asked shy I’m such a believer in technology when it costs so much.  Wouldn’t the doctor be better off just putting the dollars in their pocket or spending the money on marketing?
As an example I list the picture above.  This is a picture I snapped recently from my own office.  The photo shows 2 Spectra Caries Detection Devices and 2 Polaris Intraoral Cameras.  Retail price of these devices in total is probably around $17,000 US.  These 4 devices are all about 10 years old and the reason they are shown here is that they no longer work.  That’s not a reflection on the manufacturer, Air Techniques, that a simple factor of age and use.
Is that a lot of money, yes it is.  However, how I see them not as an expenditure, but as an investment.  These devices worked hard for 10 years helping to better educate and to provide better diagnoses for my patients.  Simply put, I feel that spending that money was absolutely the right thing to do.
I would much rather have referrals from good communications and advanced diagnosis with my patients than anything that can be gleaned via a slick marketing program.  Oh and yes, these devices have already been replaced.  I now have newer versions of these devices in service and being used every day.
We are visual creatures and being able to communicate visually with our patients is one of the best things we can do.  Informed patients make better decisions and that allows doctors to provide better care.  It’s really a very simple equation.

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