Monday, November 27, 2017

Ultradent Products, Inc. Proudly Introduces Jiffy Natural Universal System

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I am a big fan of the Jiffy Polishing System from Ultradent which is a universal system that allows you to polish any ceramic material on the market including zirconia.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are *a lot of good polishing systems out there* and I’m a big proponent of advising people that when it comes to polishing, use what you are comfortable with.  Good systems are available from Coltene, Dentsply, and many other companies.  However, for me I’ve always liked the Jiffy System.  I’ve found that it gives me a really great shine that lasts.  Yet, if there was one thing I would change about Jiffy, it would be the access it provides to grooves as well as small nooks & crannies.  The Jiffy Brush provides access to these areas, but as a final polish only and it works much better with composite than porcelain.

So the Ultradent choices have been the ones below which consist of an intraoral kit that works with a latch grip and an extra oral kit that works with a straight nose cone:

Jiffy Porcelain Intraoral.jpegJIffy Porcelain.jpeg

In the past couple of years dentistry has seen the development of what I call “saw shape” polishers which are the wheels on the right side in the top picture in this post.  The little “tines” in the wheels flex and go into all of those hard to read areas.  They are available in several different grits and work really well.  

Now Ultradent has brought this style of polisher to the Jiffy line.  Here is the link to order, otherwise read on for the details:

Ultradent Products, Inc., proudly introduces the Jiffy® Natural Universal Finishing System—a complement to Ultradent’s renowned Jiffy® Universal Finishing System. The polishers in the Jiffy Natural Universal Finishing System are designed to efficiently and easily reach all tooth surface areas to give a natural finish on all ceramic materials, including zirconia. They can also be used to temper super high-gloss finishes to create the look of natural enamel.


The Jiffy Natural Universal System consists of malleable spiral-shaped wheels that are designed to easily conform to tooth anatomy. Their pliable, finger-like extensions easily reach where cups and points can’t, including occlusal anatomy. The system is designed to be used in conjunction with the Jiffy Universal Finishing System to give clinicians options and versatility to achieve the right esthetic look for their patient. The efficient two-step process allows clinicians to easily get the most natural finish they desire on any ceramic material, including zirconia, lithium disilicate, and porcelain. 


To learn more about the Jiffy Natural Universal System, please call 800.552.5512, or visit

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