Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Enterprise Introduces New Anesthesia Injection Technology - EZ Flow

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Over the years we’ve seen a lot of advances in dentistry and the way we perform procedures.  However, one thing has remained pretty much the same for most doctors and that is the injection.  Most offices are still using the standard stainless steel syringe that has been around since local anesthetic delivery was invented.
In the early 2000’s there were some attempts at improving the injection process.  It involved using chip driven tech to control the speed of the delivery and became known as CCLAD (Computer Controlled Local Anesthetic Delivery).  Two companies created devices, Milestone Scientific had The Wand and Dentsply had the CCS (Controlled Comfort Syringe).  Of the 2, only Milestone’s device is still available.  It is called STA for Single Tooth Anesthesia, although the device can be used for any type of local delivery.
Now Denterprise is entering the market with EZ Flow.  It is the first cordless system in the CCLAD category.
While I have no hands-on experience… yet, I still think the device looks interesting.
 Here is info from the company:

When it comes to fear of going to the dentist, it is a well-known fact that the phobia is directly related to the anticipated pain especially the one arising from the ugly and intimidating syringe and needle.

Surveys have revealed that the number 1 reason patients like or do not like their dentist is the anticipated or real pain from the anesthesia.

Our firm is proud to introduce EZ Flow, the newest state of the art anesthetic delivery system.  Unlike other devices using expensive disposable tubing and handpieces, or bulky units with corded handpiece base module, and foot pedals,  EZ Flow is an “all in one” slick portable handpiece.  Among other features, EZ Flow is ergonomic, has fingertip controls, offer 5 programmable modes and uses your standard cartridges, ampule and needles.   For your review, please click here for the EZ Flow presentation detailing significant technical improvement.

Denterprise owns the exclusive distribution rights for EZ Flow and has cleared FDA for this product.  EZ Flow and Acu Flow its sister model are pending evaluation by Clinicians Research (formerly CRA) to show the exciting  but very pragmatic differences compared to any other CCLAD models on the market.

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