Thursday, November 30, 2017

Ease In Shields - Distributed by Orascoptic

As a laser user for 20 years and an advocate of magnification for about that long, I’m frequently asked about laser eye safety.
Current stats are that about 89% of dentists are using some type of magnification.  When you become adjusted to working with magnification, it is almost impossible to work without it.  So… how does one protect their eyes from damage by clinical lasers while still being able to work at your desired level of magnification?  
There are a few different options, but today’s post is about a nice “better mousetrap” idea that is being distributed by Orascoptic.  The product is called Ease in Shields.  As you can see in the photo above, the EIS is placed between your surgical telescopes and your face.  They are made of a lightweight plastic that makes them barely noticeable while wearing.
Another nice feature is the “arms” that extend from the EIS out over the top of the glasses frame.  These “arms” keep the shield from sliding down and also does double duty as a handle.  The good thing about the handle function is that it enables the user to put the shield in when it’s needed but then can be removed when laser usage is done.
The disadvantage of products that actually attach to the frame is that they aren’t easily removed during a procedure.  That leaves the operator with a choice.  You can either put the inserts in before starting the procedure and leave them in the whole time or you can stop in the middle, de-glove, put in the inserts, use the laser, de-glove, remove the inserts, and then continue.  Either way was not terribly efficient.  However, the EIS removes all of that.  You can, quite simply, protect your eyes when you need to and at no other time.
The EIS currently comes in 3 varieties
  • Soft tissue
  • Hard tissue
  • Curing - to protect the user’s eyes from our high powered curing lights

The shields will fit on any brand of glasses including normal prescription frames and all magnification frames.

I’ve been using all 3 types in my practice for about 6 months and have been very happy with their performance.  If you are a laser user, you should definitely give them a look.

For more info check out the company website.  

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