Tuesday, October 10, 2017

GC Announces MI Paste One

One of things that dentistry considers a founding principle is prevention.  Since I use several advanced caries detection devices in my practice like CamX Spectra, CariVu, Sopro LIFE, and Sopro CARE, I’m able to find decay at its earliest stages.  Even if you aren’t yet using those types of devices, all practices still see patients who experience accelerated enamel breakdown whether it’s from a diagnosable problem or not.  For small reversible lesions and/or for patients who are caries prone, we’ve been recommending GC’s MI Paste for years now.  From an acceptance point of view, the only problem with MI Paste is getting people to remember to use it as they should.  However, almost everyone remembers to brush their teeth!!!  Hence I was pretty excited to hear about GC’s newest product MI Paste ONE.  Now the benefits of MI Paste are available in a toothpaste.  Here are all the details:

MI Paste ONE is the newest member of the MI Paste® Family as a two-in-one application (toothpaste and MI Paste Plus®) containing RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) and fluoride, in a cool mint flavor. This product presents another way to treat sensitivity, remineralize tooth enamel and prevent white spot lesions. Imagine a simple, single step for treatment and cleaning. As a replacement for your current toothpaste, it gives you the same power of MI Paste Plus®, but in a single application. Now, rather than brushing first then applying MI Paste® and/or MI Paste Plus®, you'll simply brush with MI Paste ONE.

  • Use MI Paste ONE:
    • For hypersensitivity
    • For remineralization
    • For tooth erosion and wear
    • For sensitivity from whitening
    • For preventing caries and white spot lesions

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