Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Silent Epidemic of Cancer Is Spreading Among Men




The title of this post is also the title of a very well written article by Maggie Fox that is on the website.

Maggie does a great job of discussing and explaining the tragedy that oral and pharyngeal cancer (usually noted as oropharyngeal cancer) is creating.  This information, as I regularly state, should be front page news and looping on the news channels.  Unfortunately this isn’t happening… yet and until then it’s up to others to get as much information out on this as possible.

For several years, experts have been noting that the age that oropharyngeal cancer shows has been younger and younger.  At first they were baffled as to why.  Now the experts have determined that the culprit for that is HPV 16.   From Maggie’s article:

A team at the University of Florida, Baylor College of Medicine and elsewhere found that 11.5 percent of U.S. men were actively infected with oral HPV between 2011 and 2014, and 3 percent of women were. That adds up to 11 million men and 3 million women, the researchers report in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

It’s a sexually transmitted infection and the more sex partners someone had, the bigger their risk. But the study found smoking also increased the danger of a high-risk infection, and, perhaps surprising to some, that men and women alike who smoked marijuana were far more likely to develop a cancer-causing strain of HPV.

This information along with the fact that there are now more HPV related throat cancers in men than there are cervical cancers in women, means that the word absolutely needs to get out.  People need to be screened for the disease and every dentist needs to be screening for it.  Any cancer is a horrible tragedy, but when combined with the potential to also be disfiguring, oropharyngeal cancer is double trouble.

For the full article, here is the link.  I highly recommend you read it.

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