Monday, September 25, 2017

Knowtro the Search Engine for Scientific Research

Knowtro logo.png
I was recently contacted by one of the technologists working on Knowtro and I think it is something you readers need to know about.  Knowtro is basically a search engine that was built specifically for important aspects of life and scientific research.  As we all know, there is a ton of info to be found on the Internet, but sometimes wading through things can be tough, especially in the science fields.
They have information on everything from well-being/happiness and business/leadership to facebook and more.  Here is info about Knowtro, direct from the website:

Why is it that within seconds you can find useful, actionable information about which book to buy (Amazon), which restaurant to try (Yelp), and which airline to fly (Expedia), but if you want to learn about many of the most important things in life—relationships, parenting, well-being, communication, stress, nutrition, career success, money, and more—you’re stuck with...

  • Search engines that prioritize superficial descriptions (Wikipedia, and content that is ‘popular’ (blogs, top 10 lists) but not rigorous or evidence-based.
  • Databases that bundle vast amounts of research without regard to validity, timeliness, or salience, and require users to know how to interpret the complex analyses they find.

Knowtro is the product of many years of research and development, undertaken by researchers and students for researchers and students. Knowtro has:

  • Identified elements of knowledge shared across research disciplines and mapped the elements critical to the successful transfer of knowledge from document to user.
  • Built a technology-facilitated process whereby complex analyses can be distilled for ease of discovery and use. Findings from published research papers in only the top academic journals are added to the platform daily.
  • Implemented a search results display feature that (1) uses consistent, logical expressions about research findings rather than happenstance excerpts of text, and (2) prioritizes results not just by usefulness, but by validity.


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