Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Dental Practice Pro Allows for Data Mining on All Major Dental Software Platforms

One of the big things that is hitting the management side of dentistry is third party data mining applications.  While it looks like most of the large dental software companies are not really working on ground breaking improvements, there are several smaller companies that are entering into that realm.
Dental Practice Pro is one of those companies.  They are a cloud based business enterprise software solution for several different software companies, but it appears their major push currently is for Dentrix users.
The software pulls a ton of data from your database and displays it on a dashboard for quick and easy reference.  When we are in dental school, students get only a minimal dose of business education if we receive any at all.  Because of that, many dental practices are in desperate need of ways to view data in a format that makes sense and allows them to make good decisions.
Companies like DPP are making that possible.  For all the info on DDP, click here.  

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