Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Danville Materials Announces Cem EZ

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It’s always nice to see companies continue to innovate.  Zest Dental Solutions acquired Danville Materials in February 2016.  At the time, Danville was a small company with some very good products.  However, it seemed they sometimes liked the funding to provide for R&D and sometimes laced adequate distribution for their products.  Danville always made good products and usually their users were rabid fans.  That’s the reason I saw a bright future for Danville when Zest came along and acquired them.  They now had some money to spend to expand their product selection as well as helping with sales.
Now we are beginning to see how this will all shake out as Danville begins to bring more innovation to the industry.  Their latest product is called Cem EZ and I’m proud to say that I was part of a think tank group that met and helped them with some product names.
Here is the whole explanation of cam EZ that Danville recently sent out:

Since Zest Dental Solutions’ acquisition of Danville Materials in February 2016, we have embarked upon several significant endeavors, including:

-          The addition of multiple personnel in key areas throughout the business to better support our growth both internally and externally

-          Facility consolidation that included integration of manufacturing and shipping from San Ramon, California to the Zest Dental Solutions global headquarters in Carlsbad, California

-          New branding architecture that now positions Danville Materials as a portfolio of products under the Zest Dental Solutions Business


While all this has taken place, the Zest Dental Solutions Team has been hard at work in developing the next product in our IntelliTek™ line of products. The first product to carry this innovative curing technology, Bulk EZ™, has experienced phenomenal growth (200+%) in the past 12 months on a sell-out basis. We could not be more proud to see the market responding so favorably to our unique dual-cure bulk-fill composite that finally addresses the remaining challenges plaguing posterior composite placement.


Now, we are proud to announce the launch of Cem EZ™, the next IntelliTek innovation from Zest Dental Solutions. Cem EZ is an adhesive resin cement that is designed for the esthetic and permanent cementation of nearly all of today’s indirect restorative materials. With IntelliTek at work, this cement will provide outstanding color stability over time, and widespread compatibility with today’s modern adhesive systems. Additionally, Cem EZ provides:


-          High bond strength to a variety of materials including Porcelain, Lithium Disilicate, and Zirconia

-          Excellent protection from microleakage, supported by 3rd party research conducted at the University of Alabama

-          Ideal working viscosity for placement, and trouble-free cleanup after tack curing

-          Simplified technique (no additional primer needed for zirconia)

-          Only three ideal shades to do it all: Translucent, Warm, White Opaque


Cem EZ is truly representative of the core values long associated with the Danville Product Portfolio: great performance at a great value.

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