Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ultradent Donates $50,000 to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts and Launches Special Discount Program to Help Affected Dentists Rebuild Practices

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“Care is an important core value at Ultradent, and we want to extend a helping hand and show our care for the people who have been affected.”
–Dirk Jeffs
      President, Ultradent Products Inc.

As we all know, Texas has been undergoing a storm of practically biblical proportions.  However, in addition to our prayers, people in affected areas also need our generosity.
That’s why I’m so proud of the good people at Ultradent and their owner, Dr. Dan Fischer.  Ultradent has built a gleaming reputation in the dental industry because of their belief in “doing the right thing”.  By always striving to do what is right, Ultradent has created a well deserved reputation as being more about people than about money and profits.
Further proof of that came this week when they announced a $50,000 donation to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Here are all the details: 

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah, August 28, 2017 In response to the catastrophic devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, Ultradent Products, Inc., will donate $50,000 to the Saint Bernard Project (SBP) as they work to aid in the rescue, relief, and rebuilding efforts of all those affected by the storm. Additionally, Ultradent is launching a discount program to help dentists whose practices have been damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Beginning Monday, August 28, 2017, Ultradent will offer dentists negatively affected by Hurricane Harvey $500 worth of free product, with 40% off all consumable products and 15% off all equipment purchases exceeding the initial $500, in the hopes of providing some aid in the rebuilding efforts of the dental community. 

Ultradent’s president, Dirk Jeffs, says, “Hurricane Harvey, with its wind and flooding, has caused unprecedented, catastrophic damage in Texas. Care is an important core value at Ultradent, and we want to extend a helping hand and show our care for the people who have been affected by this devastating storm.”

Ultradent has a strong culture of giving. The company contributed to relief efforts associated with the Pulse Nightclub shooting, Typhoon Haiyan, Hurricane Sandy, and the earthquakes in Haiti and Ecuador. Additionally, Ultradent donates over 1.6 million pounds of food over the past nine years to the Utah Food Bank. Ultradent also contributes to various national and international dental humanitarian missions. To find out more about Ultradent’s disaster relief efforts, please visit


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