Wednesday, August 9, 2017

LED Dental has Acquired Apteryx

Recently LED Dental, the parent company of the Velscope line of oral cancer screening devices, acquired imaging software Apteryx.
The Apteryx company has been around since the early days of the penetration of digital imaging in dentistry and is used and loved by many offices.  I’m not sure of the percentage of market penetration, but they are a mainstay in a lot of offices.  
One of the big advantages of Apteryx is that the software is more or less device agnostic.  By that I mean that the system works really well and supports lots of sensors and intraoral cameras.  This can allow an office to have more than one brand of sensor, intraoral camera, etc and be able to use just one image capturing * viewing software.  Some offices choose to purchase a sensor that does not interface and integrate with their office software and because of that need a program that will work well and work outside of the office software environment.
Here is a little bit about Apteryx from the company itself:

Founded in 1995, Apteryx has created and developed software applications and systems that are leading products in their respective industry segments. The company exceeds the expectations of its customers by creating timely, innovative and cost effective software solutions that improve the profitability of the clients’ businesses.

Current products include OEM imaging applications and extensions for large government, domestic and international dental organizations, Apteryx-branded applications sold through value-added reseller networks and via the company’s online store, source code libraries and other custom applications. The company’s products are written in any of a number of programming languages depending upon the needs of the project.


For information regarding how to purchase Apteryx, visit the LED Dental website.  

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