Monday, August 21, 2017

Kulzer acquires exclusive rights to market ReLeafTM and LinguaGuardTM products

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Kulzer announced today that it has acquired the rights to become the exclusive marketer of Innovative Dental Technologies’ ReLeaf and LinguaGuard product lines. The products will be sold through Kulzer’s current network of dental distributors.

ReLeaf is an innovative HVE System that connects easily to existing dental vacuum systems and provides easy, efficient, and comfortable hands-free dental suction during dental procedures. It allows patients to move their head and even communicate without affecting suction. Importantly, ReLeaf caters to a wide range of patients by fitting in a wide array of dental anatomies. Rather than relying on the shape of the arch or the orientation of the teeth, ReLeaf uses the cheek and vestibule area for support.

Invented by a former US Army Dental Corps dentist based in Germany, LinguaGuard is an innovative disposable add-on that allows clinicians to retract and protect the tongue during suction by attaching it to the vented end of the HVE straw. As a result, instead of having to use one hand to hold the tongue with a mirror and the other hand to hold the HVE straw, LinguaGuard delivers the same levels of protection, stability, and suction in a single apparatus held by one hand. This allows a free hand to reduce chair-side working time and improve the overall quality of care.

“The ReLeaf and LinguaGuard product lines are perfect complements to our portfolio of innovative technologies that enhance practice productivity and patient comfort,” said Jeremy Thomas, Kulzer’s President, USA & Canada and Head of the Americas Region. “We look forward to significantly increasing awareness and use of these outstanding products through the exceptional support of both our marketing team and our distributor network.”

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