Tuesday, August 29, 2017

DentalEZ Now Offering Exclusive Discounts to Corporate Dental Clinics

Note that I normally start a post about a company with their logo.  This time, I really don’t feel the need to publicize it.  Here’s why.

It’s nice to know that a company like DentalEZ, who has built their business on the backs of private practitioners is now marketing directly to corporate dental clinics offering them services & discounts.  I find it interesting… to say it politely… that a company that became successful from private practitioners is now turning their backs on them and offering greater discounts to the competitors of private practice.

My grandfather was a bit of a philosopher, but he also ran a successful small business with 5 locations and lots of loyal customers.  How did he do that?  As a young boy he offered me lots of words of wisdom, but the ones that apply to this situation are when he told me, “son if you want to be successful, dance with the one that brung ya!”

Obviously, the smart business people that run DentalEZ are totally unfamiliar with that concept since the private practice dentist is the one who “brung them this far”.  Now they’ve chosen to offer others better prices and services than their loyal customers of the past.

In a free market society we can choose who we buy from and I think it is time that DentalEZ realizes that.  So, from this point forward, not one of their products will be purchased for use in my practice.  If they feel that corporate run clinics are more important than the rest of us, that’s their choice.  However, life is ALL about the choices we make and since they have made this choice they have also forced me, and hopefully a lot of you readers, to make the same choice.

Here’s a snippet from their special website for corporate clinics.  They obviously seem to care much more about them than the rest of us:

DentalEZ understands that today’s Dental Service Organization (DSO) must meet the challenging requirements of productivity and outstanding clinical outcomes while at the same time managing large teams and ensuring cost effective care – a daunting task and more difficult than for a traditional private dental practice. In order to meet those challenges, DSOs require dedicated support from their industry partners. 

Therefore, to support Dental Service Organizations, we have created a Strategic Account Management (SAM) Team specifically for DSO’s. Our SAM team is comprised of seasoned, dedicated leaders that will provide a direct point of contact and a higher level of service for all DSO needs. The SAM team is always available to work with your business to tailor solutions to meet your specific goals. The result is faster responses, better solutions, and more reliable service, no matter the challenge. 

The team includes Mark Frankenfield, National Strategic Accounts Sales Manager, and Aggie Pennington, National Strategic Accounts Marketing Manager. In addition, there are 28 DentalEZ Sales Representatives across the U.S., who are available to work with your group. 

Over the past decade we have partnered with DSO’s including Aspen Dental, Dental Associates, Sage Dental, Dentures & Dentists, Smiles West and many others to provide better product and service solutions. We are fully able to do the same for your group practice. 

DentalEZ is committed to providing practical solutions to everyday challenges in oral healthcare. We offer a range of innovative, value-based products that bring greater simplicity and efficiency to the dental practice including dental chairs, dental handpieces & utility room equipment.

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