Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Rimowa Brings Technology to Suitcases

I love it when technology surprises me and this is one of those times.
As most of you know, I’m a bit of a road warrior, making about 2 trips per month for speaking and consulting events.  Needless to say, those trips require suitcases and suitcases require airports.  Now my trivia based mind can tell you that the average American spends about 5 years waiting in queues, but I wonder how much more that is for those of us who travel a lot.  One of the worst parts about airports is the lines.
However, suitcases from Rimowa are working to remove one of those queues from us travelers.  If you travel you know that usually once you check-in, if you have a bag to check you then wait in a line to have the baggage sticker placed on your suitcase.  This line can, on occasion, be huge and a tremendous time waster when you are trying to get to your gate.
Rimowa suitcases have a built-in screen that displays your luggage tag info, without the sticker!!!  You simply log in from their app and your travel info is sent to partner airlines.  Once this happens, the phone sends the luggage info to the suitcase screen via Bluetooth.  Pretty coo, huh?
Of course this system is in its early stages and so far only 2 airlines (Eva Air and Luftansa) are using it, but it IS being explored by United currently.
Needless to say, when I need a new suitcase, I’m going to be doing some shopping next time.

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