Thursday, July 6, 2017

Clemens Group Announces Sure Business Logic as Sales & Marketing Partner


The Clemens Group has announced the hiring of Sure Business Logic, Inc. as its new sales and marketing partner to help develop sales programs, identify strategic sales tactics, and create innovative marketing techniques to establish company and product branding and build long-term sales growth.

Sure Business Logic was founded in 2010 by Ed Matthews, a seasoned dental industry marketing executive. The company works exclusively in the dental industry and specializes in creating strategic sales plans and helping dental manufacturers with their branding and rebranding efforts. This includes identifying advanced sales tactics, developing marketing concepts, and producing sales and marketing materials, including graphics, video, and digital signage to highlight the unique features of clients’ products.

The company’s capabilities, combined with industry knowledge, are two of the main reasons that Clemens chose Sure Business Logic. Alan Clemens, The Clemens Group Founder and President stated, “Sure Business Logic can help us to implement fresh concept marketing campaigns as we expand the dental segment of our business.”

The Clemens Group, founded in 1969, is a leading provider of services for the planning and execution of full-value dental practice evaluations, sales, partnerships, and mergers.

The firm delivers an unmatched level of market awareness, experience, understanding, and integrity to each and every transaction brokered. Through pre-screening processes, The Clemens Group is able to achieve near perfect matches that expedite the transition process and obtain the highest value for all parties. To learn more about Sure Business Logic, contact Ed Matthews at or call 516-883-3443. 

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