Wednesday, July 5, 2017

ADA Lets Member Dentists Know the FTC Provides New Resource for COPPA Compliance

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For those of you unfamiliar with it, there is a new federal law on the books called COPPA.  It stands for Children’s Online Private Protection Act.  According to the ADA News, it is “a federal law designed to put parents in control of the online information that is collected from their children.”
Since some dental practice websites do require some type of personal identifiers, they will be covered by COPPS.  Being as it is something most dentists are not going to be familiar with, the ADA was nice enough to do some research and find an online resource created by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) that provides valuable information on how to be in compliance.  
Basically there are six steps that must be completed to ensure compliance.  They are:
  • Determine if your company is a website or online service that collects personal information from kids under 13.
  • Post a privacy policy that complies with COPPA.
  • Notify parents directly before collecting personal information from their kids.
  • Get parents' verifiable consent before collecting personal information from their kids.
  • Honor parents' ongoing rights with respect to personal information collected from their kids.
  • Implement reasonable procedures to protect the security of kids’ personal information.

The full article from the ADA News is linked here and the FTC Compliance Website is linked here.  The ADA has also created a really great resource for COPPA compliance and lots of other legal essentials.  It is called A Dentist’s Guide to the Law:  228 Things Every Dentist Should Know.  It can be purchased by members for $59.95 and is highly recommended.  

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