Thursday, June 8, 2017

Zomato Announces Data Breach 17 Million User Records

Restaurant search and discovery app Zomato was hacked recently and had 17 million of their client records stolen.  They were then listed on the dark net for sale.
The interesting & weird part of this is that supposedly the breach was committed by a “white hat hacker” yet they still demanded a payment to take the info down.  I’m not sure how that all works out, but hey, maybe it’s just semantics.
As I keep saying, we’re all vulnerable to hacks & data theft.  The best way to prevent this is to do meticulous updates, meticulous preparation, and meticulous backups of your data.  If your data is erased or encrypted you are in real trouble.
If you’d like all of the info on the Zomato situation, you can read about it on their blog.  To their credit they’ve been very honest about this.
Their blog posts go into quite a bit of detail about this whole experience including what lead to it, how it happened, etc.  If you are curious as to how these things can take place, their blog provides really good information.  Kudos to Zomato for being upfront about this!

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