Tuesday, June 27, 2017

NuSmile Launches BioCem in Canada

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Bioactive RMGI cement is the perfect cement for ANY zirconia pediatric crown

HOUSTON, TEXAS, June 23, 2017—NuSmile Ltd., the worldwide leader in pediatric esthetic restorative dentistry, announced today that its BioCem® Universal BioActive Cement will be available in Canada beginning in July.

NuSmile BioCem is the first and only RMGI cement specifically designed for pediatric dentistry, and especially for use with preformed zirconia crowns. High washout resistance and minimal susceptibility to microleakage, coupled with unique handling and cure properties, make BioCem a great alternative to traditional glass ionomer and RMGI cements. Additionally, its unique bioactive properties have been shown in independent university-led research studies to release fluoride, calcium and phosphate to trigger hydroxyapatite formation. These properties, together with its BPA/BisGMA/HEMA-free formulation, make BioCem the new industry standard defining a new class of RMGI cements.

“BioCem’s bond to zirconia, as well as to pre-veneered and stainless steel crowns is as strong or stronger than RMGI cements, and stronger than glass ionomer cements,” said Mark Binford, NuSmile’s Senior Vice President for New Product Development. “In independent evaluations, BioCem also receives outstanding user ratings for ease of handling, working and setting time, and ease of clean- up.” He noted that BioCem received a coveted “Best Product” designation from Dental Product Shopper, which gave BioCem its highest overall rating ever for a bioactive cement.

In addition, BioCem’s quick and reliable cure and setting times makes positioning, cementation and cleanup with zirconia pediatric crowns easy and predictable. With a chemical and structural composition similar to dentin, BioCem provides a neutral pH profile that is compatible with the oral environment. BioCem’s unique hydrophilic composition exhibits extremely low water sorption and solubility, providing a biocompatible marginal seal that prevents cement washout with preformed zirconia and pre-veneered crowns and does not depend on perfect isolation during cementation. BioCem also exhibits far less microleakage than traditional glass ionomer cements when tested with the most popular brands of zirconia crowns. This is especially important for long term retention without recurrent decay when placing preformed zirconia restorations where some areas with open margin may be present.

“Simply stated,” said Mr. Binford, “numerous studies clearly indicate that NuSmile BioCem is the perfect cement for any zirconia pediatric crown – period.”

As with other NuSmile products, NuSmile BioCem is sold direct to dental practices.

For more information on NuSmile BioCem or other NuSmile products, call +1 (713) 861-0033 or visit www.nusmile.com.

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