Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mac Ransomware is Beginning to Show Up

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As if this whole Ransomware thing couldn’t get any worse (and yes, trust me, it will get worse), I found a story on  Reuters that a version of this plague has been found that infects Mac users.  While the story is from 2016, do not think for a minute that hackers have given up on this.
One of the things that is a bit scary about this is that folks who use the Mac platform & and not very computer savvy, have been lead to believe over the years that the Mac OS is pretty much virus-proof.  However, that’s not really true.  It’s a bit harder to infect a Mac, but it CAN be done.  Because of that and the fact that Macs have become a much bigger percentage of overall computers in use, the idea of infecting them is becoming more apparent to the bad guys.

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