Monday, June 5, 2017

Jazz Introduces the New SOLO Sensor

For years now, I’ve been asking companies to come up with a more reliable sensor.  I mean patients are expecting the crowns & root canals I perform to last a pretty long time, but my sensors just sort of ‘wear out from excessive use” and frequently this “excessive use” is 2 or 3 years.  Seriously?  So I was thrilled to get the following info from Jazz.  That a look and check out their website.  I’m interested in what you think of them…

A group of Silicon Valley engineers that have spent over two decades building sensors like DEXIS, Gendex, Sirona and Trophy (now Carestream) couldn’t take it anymore.

Say hello to the new SOLO intraoral sensor!
  • You shouldn't have to pay a +30% premium to a dealer for sensors
  • Your staff shouldn't have to fight with a sensor company over bite marks or what constitutes "accidental damage" versus 
    manufacturer defect.
  • You shouldn't have to share sensors between operatories because of cost
  • You shouldn’t have to pay $10k a sensor just because it’s comfortable.

Get yours for $1499 and $129/mo.  Seriously.
Better than owning, leasing or financing.

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