Monday, June 26, 2017

Dentists Can Help Patients Detect Diseases Transmitted by Ticks

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While most patients don’t know this, dentists can be a helpful resource for patients who may be experiencing diseases carried by ticks.  Tickborne diseases can be difficult to diagnose and with the warm weather now upon us, the prime time for these illnesses is upon us.  With the warmer weather comes a much higher rate of outdoor activity and a much greater incidence for us to come in contact with ticks.
According to the ADA, Lyme disease can sometimes be identified by the following symptoms: headaches similar to temporomandibular joint dysfunction and nonspecific orofacial pain.  If there is no dental indication for these conditions, the patient may very well be suffering from Lyme disease.  The CDC also advises that other symptoms can include:  fever, headaches, fatigue, and a characteristic skin rash - erythema migrans.
The CDC also has a very informative web page on tick diseases and how to prevent them.  It can be found here.  

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