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National Cancer Network’s Live Event, “Unveiling the Mask of Cancer” Welcomes Oral Health Professionals & Consumers

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Occurring April 21-23 in Philadelphia, this event is a combination of seminars, break-out sessions and exhibits dedicated to elevating cancer awareness, standard of care and support 


Hobe Sound, FL – March 29, 2017 – The National Cancer Network, a non-profit 501 (c) dedicated to raising awareness to prevent late stage diagnosis of visible forms of cancers, will be hosting a live program entitled “Unveiling the Mask of Cancer”.  The three-day event will he held April 21st through the 23rd at the Sheraton in Philadelphia.


According to National Cancer Network founder, Debbie Zafiropoulos, “The goal of this event is to engage with the local healthcare and consumer communities to raise their collective awareness and commitment to cancer prevention, progress, screening and referrals.”


For oral health professionals, the event is featuring a robust CE program featuring presentations and breakout sessions from some of the most respected and dynamic thought leaders including:


  • Dr. Gerald Curatola: “Understanding the Mouth-Body Connection; A protocol for Conquering Illness & Cancer.” Dr. Curatola is the author of “The Mouth-Body Connection.”


  • Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS: Breakout Session – “Tides of Change: Practicing in A Digital World.” 


  • Todd Cohen: “How a Single Conversation Saved My Life”. Todd is a professional sales coach and a cancer survivor.



  • Claudia Lovato, RDH: “The Science of Happiness and How Living Happy is Living Healthy.”


  • Dr. Juliet Dang: “HPV - It’s Everywhere! Understanding How a Virus Could Affect a Cancer Risk.”


  • Lu Ann Cahn: “Moving Courageously Beyond Cancer: An Empowering Insight.” Lu Ann is an NBC 10 reporter and cancer survivor.


  • Bill Grondin: “Empowering Words to Build a Soulful Recovery.” Bill is a spiritual inspiration and enlightenment coach.


  • Anastasia Turchetta, RDH: “Highway to Health”. A panel discussion moderated by Anastasia with survivors and family members. Learn what helped and what didn’t during and after diagnosis.


  • Debora Carrier & Sister Darla Miller: Breakout Session: CPR Training by American Heart Association Certified Instructors and Training Center Faculty.


  • Dr. Uche Odiatu: “Exercise is Medicine: Get Strong Live Long.”


  • Thomas Viola. RPh, CCP: “I Have Become...Comfortably Numb!” An Overview of Local Anesthetic Agents and Vasoconstrictors, Clinical Dental Considerations and Patient Care Planning.


  • Dr. Howard Pactovis: Infection Control Dynamic Safety. 


  • Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS: Breakout Session: “What’s New in Disease Diagnosis and How to Maximize the New Dental Codes.”


All Keynote programs and breakout sessions are open to the oral health professional for one low price of $299.00, which includes 21 potential CE credits and admission to the Friday night Love the Dove VIP Cocktail Party and Silent Auction! 


The exhibit hall will be open to the public for a nominal $20.00 donation and attendees will have the opportunity to become more cancer aware, get screened, and learn from many of the guest speakers listed above during live HealthChats™, scheduled throughout the event in the “Learning to Live Healthy Pavilion” There will also be a lunch time fashion show on Saturday hosted by TwiceAsNice Uniforms.



To learn more about “Unveiling the Mask of Cancer”, including complete schedule, sponsorship opportunities and how to register, visit 


About the National Cancer Network:


The National Cancer Network is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization founded by dental hygiene thought leader and early cancer detection crusader Debra Zafiropoulos, RDH, widely known in the dental industry as Debbie Z.  


The mission of NCN is to raise awareness to prevent late stage diagnosis of visible forms of cancer through multiple platforms of prevention, protection, screening and referrals by creating acommunity of caring interdisciplinary professionals dedicated to disease prevention.


At the heart of NCN’s consumer and clinician awareness campaign is the introduction of a new dental exam protocol called “Screening for Oral and Skin Abnormalities” or SOSA™.  


NationalCancerNetwork™.org was designed to be a membership website that is fully accessible with resources and information such as the latest screening, diagnostic, active therapy, disease management, and nutrition as well as spiritual and emotional support.


This information will generate a resource library and a more informed opportunity for you to reach out to a practitioner, organization or manufacturer to serve your specific needs. So, whether you are a patient looking for a caring practitioner, a service provider looking to associate with an agency, or a caregiver seeking resources and solutions to assist those we love in fight of their life the National CancerNetwork™.org will be the resource to come to first!


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