Monday, April 24, 2017

Important System Upgrade Notification from Curve Dental

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Most Curve Dental users have recently received an email regarding an upcoming system upgrade provided by Curve.  I’m providing today’s post as a service to anyone who is a Curve user and somehow missed the email that the company sent out last week.  This is a very important announcement for Curve users  and I want to make sure that all of you receive it.  Here is the mail, copied and pasted in its complete form to make sure you get all the pertinent information.  If you happen to have a friend using Curve Dental, feel free to pass this post along to them.  Here is the complete announcement:
Hi! As a VIP Curve Dental customer we're alerting you to an upgrade you'll need to attend to beginning Monday, April 24, 2017. 
You may unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive our emails.
First things first: Many thanks for choosing Curve Dental to help you manage your practice. It is a privilege to work with you; we will always strive to be a business partner that puts your practice first.

Beginning Monday, April 24th, Curve Hero will upgrade a small program called Curve Capture, a utility that helps you capture x-rays and other digital images. Normally, you don't need to concern yourself with upgrades; however, in this case you will need to give Curve Capture permission to upgrade.


Because a security issue is involved. Curve Capture's security certificate needs to be updated and your computer will not let that happen without your specific permission.

Simply click the Yes button to start the installation process. You can work as normal while the update progresses.
You and our other customers will not be upgrading at the same time, which will help control traffic. You may be prompted to upgrade on Monday or you may be prompted to update later in the week.

Here's how it works: A Security Warning dialog box will open inside Google Chrome asking you if its okay if Curve Capture installs a security certificate. Just click the 'Yes' button and you're done. 

The installation will work in the background and should be completed in less than five minutes. You can continue to work as normal during the installation process. The only action required on your part is to click 'Yes'.
Of course, if you have questions or concerns please call us or send us a message. You can reach our customer service team at 888-910-4376 option 3 or you can send a quick email to

Thanks again for the opportunity to be associated with your practice.

Kristen Smith
Director of Customer Services

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