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New partnership introduces robust Remote Lite native integration featuring secure, 
100% electronic attachment processing with more than 750 dental plans 


INDIANAPOLIS (March 14, 2017) – Renaissance Electronic Services (RES), a software company providing solutions for the dental industry, today announces a new strategic partnership with NEA Powered by Vyne, the leading provider of secure, electronic claim attachment software serving more than 50,000 dental practices nationwide. 


The partnership will provide a more seamless, cost-effective approach to claims processing and attachments through the addition of Premium Attachments, a new NEA-powered native integration for RES’s Remote Lite product. 


Remote Lite is an easy-to-use software solution that works with practice management systems and handles the submissions of claims and attachments on behalf of a dental practice. Current and new RES customers will have the opportunity to upgrade their Remote Lite software to include Premium Attachments, which will reduce paper processes. 


In addition, the new native integration with NEA’s claim attachment solution will increase productivity for claim adjudication and provide secure, 100% electronic connectivity to more than 750 dental plans and payers. 


“NEA is committed to and has a long history of partnering with solution providers serving dental practices across the nation,” said Lindy Benton, president and CEO of NEA’s parent company Vyne. “Partnering with RES continues to demonstrate this commitment and provides an integrated solution that enables dental practices to save time and reduce headaches associated with claim adjudication.”


On average, dental practices send over 200 eClaims each month. Unlike other companies that charge a fee per claim, Remote Lite with Premium Attachments Powered by NEA includes claims and attachments for a flat monthly rate of $79.95.


The Remote Lite product also provides a host of useful features, including the following: 

  • Simplified X-rays and attachments. Dental offices can attach an x-ray to an eClaim with a simple click and drag. For insurance companies that won’t accept an eClaim, RES will print and mail one on behalf of a dental office.
  • Adjust savings to your environment. Remote Lite seamlessly integrates with current practice management software, so dental offices won’t need to change their current setup.
  • No contract required. Dental offices will not be tied to a user contract for the Remote Lite product and can cancel the service at any time.
  • Top-notch customer care. Experienced RES sales and support teams stand ready to assist practices with expert technical support and answers to questions including easy access to online FAQs


“At RES we’re proud to act as fanatics for our customers, dental offices across the country. We heard their needs for an innovative attachment solution and we’ve responded by connecting our services with NEA for Remote Lite Premium Attachments,” said Eric Joseph, CEO at RES. “This new partnership allows our customers nationwide to reduce costs, decrease their carbon footprint and focus first and foremost on patient care.”


Remote Lite with Premium Attachments Powered by NEA is available for a flat rate of $79.95 and enables dental practices to improve their compliance with HIPAA requirements. For more information on NEA Powered by Vyne, please visit For more information on Renaissance Electronic Services and its products, please visit  


About Renaissance Electronic Services

Renaissance Electronic Services (RES) was founded in Martinsville, Indiana, in 2002 to provide solutions for the dental industry. RES enables dental offices to reduce administrative headaches and keep services affordable so they can focus on patient care. As the second-largest provider of dental claims in the United States, RES facilitates more than 63 million transactions annually and serves more than 30,000 dentists across the country. For more information on RES and its products, please visit  


About NEA Powered by Vyne 

NEA Powered by Vyne, serves more than 50,000 dental practice users—more than 35 percent of dental practices in the US—with their FastAttach® software and related services. With secure, electronic connectivity to more than 750 dental plans and payers, NEA is the largest and most widely used electronic claims attachment solution provider in the dental industry. For more information on NEA, please visit

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