Monday, March 20, 2017

Curve Dental Advantage #348 Transparency: You Can Track All of Your Support Tickets Online

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I’ve followed Curve Dental since their inception and the company has done plenty over the years to impress me.  They truly are a state-of-the-art Cloud based dental software.  Now comes something that I think is another great idea from the good minds at Curve.  Since the practice exists in the Cloud and is device agnostic as well as not needing a server, following support *might* be a bit tricky.  Well, not anymore.  In their most recent newsletter, Curve announced the ability to track support tickets online.  Here is what they had to say:
Friends, let's be honest with one another. Developing good dental software is difficult. Under the hood you will find a lot of moving parts. It is inevitable that strange things happen that require our customer service team to research and figure out exactly what is going on, which may take some time.

The probability of your coming across something that requires a lot of research is low. But if it does, with Curve Dental you can always track our progress to find an answer within Curve Dental. In fact, you'll find every inquiry you've made neatly listed in our software. You'll see the status of every inquiry and pertinent comments. What could we do to make it any easier for you to track the progress of all your requests for technical assistance?

You can learn more about our customer service by visiting our website. Or, chat with us at 888-910-4376. What's in your practice?
Below are a couple of examples of support tickets, one with all closed and one with some open.  If you’d like to find out even more, the support website can be accessed here.  
Curve Dental Ticket Tracking Closed 20170316.png
Curve Dental Ticket Tracking Open 20170316.png

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